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A great harvest begins with great seed

Welcome to Graceland Top Quality Garlic Seeds

Buy our top-quality seed from us and cultivate your own garlic for the market.

The garlic landscape in South Africa is expanding and the industry could do with local growers to contribute to local demand.

Graceland Garlic Seed is based in Springs, Gauteng and was founded in 2013 father and son duo, Dereyck and Jacques Terblanche. The small part-time project developed into a lucrative and intensive full-time farming venture.

If you’re wondering why, you should grow garlic, the better question might be, why not?

Here are a few reasons to plant garlic:

Home grown garlic is fresher and more flavourful than sub-standard, store-bought garlic, which is often grown in China and shipped to distributors in the South Africa. Imported garlic is fumigated, bleached, and dosed with chemicals to prevent sprouting. Consumers are looking to buy the better quality, healthier, more flavoursome homegrown product.

Garlic has more allicin, a compound that makes garlic so healthy, along with plenty of antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-fungal properties. Garlic helps fend off a variety of common ailments, from the common cold to high blood pressure, tick bites, ringworm, and athlete’s foot.

Unlike most vegetables, garlic is frost resistant; planted in autumn and harvested the following spring. This means that it is a good crop to plant during the winter months.

You can store fresh garlic for an extended period. You can thus play the market for more desirable prices. No expensive cool rooms or fudges are needed to keep it fresh like other vegetables

Garlic doesn’t get eaten by wild animals. Garlic deters porcupine, deer, rabbits, mice, rats, and moles.  Even monkeys and baboons are repelled by its scent and flavour.  

The Secret to Successful Garlic Farming.

Start small and make many…

Garlic seed increases exponentially. The secret to successful garlic farming is to buy your initial seed. Produce your own seed from your original crop, In consecutive years you can plant your own seed. Therefore, you only need to buy seed once. In doing so you will save on the cost of seed when you plant every successive crop.

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