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Every Great Harvest Begins With Great Seed

Jacques Terblanche

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Hand-Picked Seed

All inferior seeds are removed by hand, for a superior crop.

Best Varieties for SA

The seed varieties are well-suited to South African climatic conditions

Phone Crop Coaching

Receive free crop care coaching throughout the growing season.

Connect with buyers

Connect buyers and sellers of garlic, helping farmers sell their produce.


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9 great reasons to grow garlic​

Economic Benefits:


Quality locally-grown garlic, known for its health benefits and superior taste, is in high demand, preferred by supermarkets over imports.

Economical Seed Reproduction:

With top-notch seed, subsequent crops can be planted from the seed bank saved from the previous season's harvest, saving on future seed purchases.

Low Equipment Costs

Garlic cultivation doesn't require expensive equipment and is water-efficient, reducing costs on irrigation and energy.

Minimal Labor Requirements

Garlic's growing season demands minimal labor, although more hands are needed during planting and harvesting phases.

Agricultural Advantages:

Planting Seasons

In the Western Cape, garlic seed should be planted in April or May, while in central South Africa, it's best in February and March.

Natural Pest Protection

Garlic pairs well with other vegetables, protecting against numerous pests and is not a target for theft or consumption by wild animals.


Garlic's long shelf life allows for storage and sale at optimal pricing times without the need for climate control.


Depending on the variety, garlic takes 7 – 9 months to mature, with a potential yield of up to 9 tons per ha.

Versatility in Growth

Garlic is adaptable, thriving in almost any soil type and most climatic zones in South Africa.

Easy to start – easy to grow – easy to sell

Planting Season Awaits and Our Garlic Seeds are Selling Quick!


Best varieties to grow in South Africa

In our 10-year history, we’ve tested various varieties and have now selected the two best-performing garlic types for the South African market, chosen for their superior growth and sales performance.



  • Well adapted to South African Conditions
  • Easy grower
  • Very popular with Consumers
  • Outstanding Shelf Life


  • Growing Time: 7 months
  • Potential Yield: 6 tons per hectare
  • Family: Soft-neck


Less pungent than Egyptian Pink, loses some flavor over time



  • Well adapted to South African Conditions
  • Easy grower
  • Very popular with Consumers
  • Outstanding Shelf Life


  • Growing Time: 7 months
  • Potential Yield: 6 tons per hectare
  • Family: Soft-neck


Sharp, pungent, and spicy when raw; mild and savory when cooked


Act Fast: Planting Season Awaits and Our Garlic Seeds are Selling Quick!​

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Growing plan

Grow x4 every year

Garlic yields a x5 increase each year.

By selling 1/5 of your harvest and replanting the remainder, you will achieve a x4 growth annually.

Starting with 5,000 cloves, you will reach 5.12 million in five years


Number of garlic cloves when you start

5 120 000

Number of garlic cloves after a 5 years


95% of our customers successfully grow and sell their garlic

Lab-Tested: Our premium garlic seed is tested in a registered laboratory to make sure it’s free of harmful pathogens that can affect quality and yield.

Climate-Adapted: We grow and sell garlic seed varieties that are best adapted to South African climatic conditions and are highly sought after by consumers.

Hand-Picked: All our seed is sorted and picked by hand, and all inferior seeds are removed for a healthy yield.

Grow with Confidence Telephonic crop care coaching throughout the growing process.

Fastest Delivery: We send our seed via trusted courier services with the fastest delivery time possible.

Market Connect: We connect buyers and sellers of garlic to trade their produce.

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Comprehensive Garlic Farming Support

Expert Guidance:​

Access our detailed Grower's Manual, year-round expert advice, and personalized online training by a seasoned farmer with 10+ years of experience.

End-to-End Assistance

From legal aspects and planting to harvesting, drying, and marketing, we cover every step, including connecting you with potential buyers.

Continuous Support

Benefit from free crop care coaching and consultancy throughout the growing season for a successful harvest.

About us

Graceland Garlic Seed

About Graceland Garlic Seed Founded: 2013 by the father-son duo, Dereyck and Jacques Terblanche.

What began as a small, part-time project has blossomed into a full-time, intensive farming venture.

Graceland Garlic Seed now exports garlic seeds throughout Africa.

The company plays a pivotal role in promoting the local garlic industry in South Africa.

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Dereyck Terblanche
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Every Great Harvest Begins With Great Seed

Jacques Terblanche


What do our customers say

Frank Smith - Preatoria

I’ve tried various garlic seeds over the years, but nothing compares to Graceland Garlic. Consistently healthy and robust bulbs every season. Highly recommend to any garlic lover out there!

Aaron Lee - Springs
As a beginner in gardening, I was amazed at how well my garlic turned out using Graceland Garlic seeds. Their seeds made my first attempt a huge success, and now I’m hooked on growing garlic!

Graceland Garlic seeds have transformed my small garden. The garlic I grow now is of such high quality; it’s become a favorite among my family and friends. Thank you, Graceland, for your exceptional seeds!

Will help you to start growing garlic

We will provide free consultation over the phone and assist with selecting the right seed variety.

Ask you a few clarifying questions and, based on your budget and preferences, will develop an optimal cultivation strategy.

Advise you on potential cost savings.

Provide you information on delivery options or explain where you can pick up the product."

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Weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00

 Jacques Terblanche

Head garlic farming consultant

Gracesland Garlic Seed

Graceland Garlic Seed Equips and Supports Beginner Garlic Farmers with Knowledge to Be Successful Garlic Growers.

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