Graceland Seed Varieties

Egyptian Pink Garlic Seed

Is well adapted to South Africa Conditions.
• Easy grower.
• Very Popular with consumers.
• Has a very long shelf life.
• Growing time 7 months.
• Potential yield 6 tons per ha.
When raw, Egyptian Pink garlic has a crisp texture with a sharp, pungent, and spicy flavour, and if crushed, it will emit a strong aroma. This flavour and aroma will lessen with cooking and will develop a mild, savoury flavour.

The Egyptian White Garlic Seed

Is a little less pungent than the Pink Garlic
• Particularly popular with the consumer.
• The shelf life is outstanding.
• Loses some of its flavour over time.
• Growing time 7 months.
• Potential yield 6
• tons per ha.
• Both Egyptian Garlic varieties part of the Soft-neck family.

Spanish Garlic Seed

Has a Creamy white colour and a mild to strong flavour.
• It takes less than 7 months to reach maturity.
• It is bigger in size and weighs more than the Egyptian varieties.
• Is flavoursome, easy to peel and makes it a sought-after product in supermarkets.
• Less but more fleshy and substantial cloves.
• It reaches higher prices on the market because of its appeal to the eye and because it is heavier than the traditional Garlic varieties.
• Part of the hard-neck family.
Spanish Garlic Seed has a potential yield of >9 tons per hectare.

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Beware Of Buying Cheaper Seeds That Have Not Been Tested in a Registered Laboratory

Clients must be aware of the risks they take when they buy cheap seed from the market or from a supplier that has not been tested for fungus. Fungi is invisible to the naked eye and can cause total crop failure and stay in your soil for more than a decade. At Graceland Garlic, no effort is spared in making sure our clients receive the best possible quality of seed and value for their money. We employ the latest scientific and agricultural advances to ensure our clients get the best quality seed for an optimal yield. All our seed are tested by registered Agricultural Research laboratories to make sure it is approved from fungus that can adversely affect the Quality and potential yield of your crop.


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