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Graceland Garlic Seed Equips and Supports Beginner Garlic Farmers with Knowledge to Be Successful Garlic Growers. We Supply the Finest Quality Garlic Seed for an Optimal Yield. The garlic landscape in South Africa is expanding and the industry could do with local growers to contribute to local demand.

Who We Are?

Graceland Garlic Seed is based in Springs, Gauteng and was founded in 2013 by father and son duo, Dereyck and Jacques Terblanche. The small part-time project developed into a lucrative and intensive full-time farming venture, and now exports garlic seed all over Africa. Graceland Garlic is a key role player in promoting the local garlic industry in South Africa.


Here Are a Few Good Reasons to Plant Garlic:

Garlic seed should be planted in April or May in the Western Cape and in February and March in central South Africa. Garlic can be planted in almost any soil type and grows in most climatic areas in South Africa. Locally grown quality garlic is in high demand and is favoured for its health benefits and taste over sub-standard, bleached, and irradiated imports leading supermarkets and outlets to stock local products.
If you plant our first-rate seed, you may plant each subsequent crop from the seed bank you saved from the previous season’s harvest, saving you money on seed purchases, this means that you only need to buy seed for your initial crop.
Garlic has a very long shelf life and you can use this to your advantage. You can store it and sell it when the price is right. Since garlic does not need to be kept in a climate-controlled space, you can avoid energy costs like electricity diesel and generators. Furthermore, garlic cultivation doesn’t require expensive equipment, as it can be manually planted and harvested. Garlic can be irrigated using drip, sprinkle, or flood irrigation, and requires minimal water (25mm per week) Garlic takes 7 – 9 months to mature depending on the variety you choose, and you can expect a potential yield of up to 9 tons per ha.
During the growing season minimum labour is required, more labour is required for planting and harvesting.
Garlic is frequently used alongside other vegetables to protect against various pests and insects and does not get stolen or eaten buy wild animals.

Why Buy Your Seed from Graceland Garlic Seed?

  • Our premium garlic seed is tested in a registered laboratory to make sure it’s free of harmful pathogens that can affect quality and yield.
  • All our seed is sorted and picked by hand, and all inferior seeds are removed for a healthy yield.
  • We are experienced in the administrative processes for the export of garlic.
  • We grow and sell garlic seed varieties that are best adapted to South African climatic conditions and are highly sought after by consumers.
  • We send our seed via trusted courier services with the fastest delivery time possible.
  • Telephonic crop care coaching throughout the growing process.
  • We connect buyers and sellers of garlic to trade their produce.



Top Quality Garlic Seed Suppliers

Graceland is South Africa’s Trusted Garlic Seed Supplier, and we supply high-quality garlic seed to Farmers and Garden enthusiasts

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We bring buyers and sellers together

Graceland garlic seed provides assistance to farmers selling their garlic crops, based on experience and local industry contacts. The principle of willing buyer and seller applies.


Training and Support

We provide free crop care coaching and consultancy throughout the growing season.

With years of experience and contacts in the local garlic industry, we offer help to farmers who want to sell their garlic crops. Graceland garlic seed is under no obligation to buy or sell farmers’ garlic crops. Nor is it a condition of agreement. It is simply a service that we provide if we have a buyer for it. The principle of willing buyer and willing seller applies. Contact us if you want to sell you garlic crop @ 082 3322 600

Vars knoffel behaal rekordpryse in SA supermarkte. Gryp die geleentheid aan en raak deel van die groeiende plaaslike bedryf. ‘n Goeie oes begin goeie saad. Graceland Garlic is een van die mees gerekende hoë kwaliteit knoffelsaadkwekers en verskaffers in Suidelike Afrika.

Fresh garlic is selling at record prices in SA Supermarkets. Seize this opportunity and supply your own garlic to the local market. A great harvest begins with great seed. Graceland Garlic is South Africa’s premiere cultivator of top-quality garlic seed.

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